Ronald van Rees is a European national. He has lived in various countries, gone to art school, and graduated with a university degree in art history. He also has a strong interest in arthouse cinema and philosophy. The majority of his time has been spent in the UK, the Netherlands and France. When not writing he is sometimes reading, mostly French literature, sipping lots of hot coffee, or working on his films and photography. He currently lives in Paris, France.

For me photography - black and white photography - is a little like etching. One uses darkness and light to create an image, the image being something that one secretly carries in one's heart before shooting.  It is a strange sensation, yet it is intimately mingled with something personal, something expressed, beyond any simple documentation.  As such I need to wait for that presentiment to come before fetching my camera and going out and about.  Photography, for me then, is first and foremost a visual language; though I prefer the real, the gritty, before anything more polished or fantastical.